CMIT RADAR (Rapid Archiving Discovery And Recovery)

CMIT RADAR protects your email similar to the way CMIT Guardian protects your data. All of your organization’s email—both inbound and outbound—is archived in a secure offsite facility. An easy to use web-based interface gives you access to years worth of email using advanced search functions. If you have the proper access privileges you can search email across the entire organization, not just your own. If an employee leaves the company you can still access their archived email to find important information they may not have written down elsewhere.

As an added benefit, RADAR is always up and running even if your mail server is not. If you occasionally experience outages with your current email provider, you can always log in to RADAR to send and receive email. RADAR will capture and store your inbound email and deliver it to your email server when it comes back online. This means people who send you email will never receive an “undeliverable” message and you will never lose important mail.


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