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Whether you’re starting up or starting over, Office-in-a-Box gives your employees the tools they need to be productive.

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Pricing Details

Office-in-a-Box is priced per-employee for each employee needing a computer and phone. The price for the Executive Suite product and service bundle is $159 per employee per month and the Office Suite bundle is $119 per employee per month.  Additional computers, phones, software and services may be purchased separately for employees with limited needs. Upgrades are also available for an additional cost. This special promotional price is offered for an office purchasing at least five (5) Office-in-a-Box packages and is based on a three year service contract. Additional charges may apply if less than five packages are purchased. If a server is needed, we offer Server-in-a-Box starting at $35 per employee per month.

Executive Suite System Requirements

The VoIP phone system included with the Executive Suite may require additional network hardware or services. If needed, we can provide these for an additional charge. We will discuss your needs, review your office infrastructure and provide a complete price quote before any purchase is made. 




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