Recession Over: Time to Invest

Though we’re not out yet, many economists believe we are nearing the end of the worst recession since WWII.  As we continue to dig our way out we need to plan for the future.  Brighter days are ahead, but only if we’re prepared for them.  Those who are not prepared are in for more tough times.

The past three years have changed the way we spend, the way we invest and the way we plan, both on a personal and a corporate level.  In the good old days, if your printer was squeaking and jamming you’d replace it.  When your computer got too slow, you’d buy a newer, faster one.  There was no time to waste putting up with inferior technology.  The time spent frequently unjamming a printer or waiting for files to save easily justified the cost of new equipment.

But this reasoning changed rather quickly.  Decreased revenue meant there was less money to spend.  Whether the expense was justifiable or not, the money just wasn’t there.  So we made the best of it and kept that old equipment a little longer than we would have liked.

If anything positive came out of this recession, it taught us to be frugal.  It caused us to put greater emphasis on ROI.  It showed us that we could be more efficient and less wasteful if we tried.  But topping the long list of negatives born from this recession is the fact that we now have a weakened technology infrastructure.  Much of our equipment is two or more years past its normal useful life.  Computers fail, especially the older ones.  And modern software just won’t run on some of those older machines.  In order for businesses to emerge from this recession successfully, they’re going to have to start investing in technology again.

Most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) recognize this.  A recent Microsoft study revealed that most SMBs plan on increasing IT spending in areas that directly benefit their bottom line through reducing costs, improving productivity or improving customer acquisition and retention.   The more competitive SMBs are investing in IT that will prepare them for success when economic conditions improve.  Those who are not preparing for this will likely fall behind those who do.

Since most SMBs don’t have a dedicated IT staff, they rely on local technology partners to assess their technology needs and advise them on the right solutions.  Businesses are looking to these partners to provide strategic guidance tailored to their industry, mostly in the areas of cost reduction and remote management.  Other areas of IT focus include server virtualization, software as a service and cloud computing, as these can reduce overall costs.

If your company does not have a trusted technology partner, consider us.  We’ll help you invest in technology that reduces costs and improves productivity, enabling you to emerge from this recession stronger and prepared for success.

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