When Does IT Outsourcing Make Sense?

While there is no one-size-fits-all simple answer, most experts agree you need one full-time IT person to manage approximately 50 computers. If you have less than 50 computers you need less than one full-time IT person. Assuming a five-day work week, that equates to one full day per week per 10 computers. So if you have 10 computers, on average you will need someone in there one day a week. For 20 computers, two days a week. But which days? Murphy’s Law says that things will break only on the days the IT guy is not in. So choose wisely. And what do you do if a special task requires his attention for three consecutive days? He may be willing to come in on his “off” days, but for a price. Hiring a fractional person is never cost-effective.

But let’s assume you’re ok having someone come in one or two days a week. How much will this person cost? Well, first you’ll have to pick the skill set you want most, then you can find out the cost. Do you want a systems engineer who is capable of designing, building and configuring your entire network of computers? Or do you want a systems administrator who can manage and maintain the network. Maybe you want more of a technician who can diagnose and repair computers, replacing hard drives, memory and motherboards when necessary. Of course it would be nice to have all of those people.  But remember, you’re only hiring one person and only part time. So again, choose wisely. If you’re fortunate, you can find a systems administrator who is also capable of some engineering and can also repair broken computers. According to Indeed, as of this writing, a full-time systems administrator’s salary in Denver, Englewood or Littleton, Colorado averages $72,000 per year.  So for a 10 computer network, with a one day a week administrator the cost would be 14,400 per year or $1,440 per computer per year. That seems kind of high for someone with a limited skill set who is only around 20% of the time that your computers are running.

When IT Outsourcing Makes Sense

Imagine if you could get a whole team of people with various skills, available to you whenever you need them. And imagine this team of people is monitoring and maintaining your systems 24 x 7 to ensure everything is always running at peak efficiency. Let’s further imagine that this team includes a help desk staff standing by, waiting to help your employees with whatever computer issues or questions they have. And imagine you could get all of this for less than the $1,440 per computer per year we figured it would cost to hire someone. That’s when IT Outsourcing would make sense.

If this sounds good, give us a call.  We’ll give you a quote that’s likely lower than you’re paying now.


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