Full-Time IT Support for Minimum Wage

Can you really get professional IT support eight hours a day, five days a week and pay just the full-time minimum wage (currently $8 per hour)? Well actually, if you’re a small business with less than a dozen or so employees you can expect to pay less than that; maybe as little as half. Larger businesses can expect to pay proportionately more. But in all cases, working with us is far more cost effective than hiring a full-time IT employee on your own.

What are you looking for in an IT Support employee?

If you plan on hiring an IT support person, here are some of the job functions and characteristics you might want to put in your job advertisement:

  • Able to quickly diagnose and remediate all computer-related problems.
  • When not fixing problems, proactively monitor and maintain systems to prevent/reduce future problems.
  • Experience with Windows 7/8 PCs and Windows 2008/2012 servers.
  • Knowledge of industry standard practices and products.
  • Able to advise management on cost-effective ways to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Self-managed and able to determine how time is best spent without technical supervision.

If you are offering full-time employment, you can expect to pay an experienced IT support person around $30-40 per hour unburdened. You might be able to find someone with little or no experience for about $20-30. If you’re looking for a part-timer, the hourly rate may be higher and your support coverage will be lower.

Hire us

If you want to save money and be better served, consider hiring us instead. In addition to meeting all of the above, we offer the following:

  • You won’t need to provide tools, computers, software, a desk, a phone, floor space and everything else you would provide to an employee to perform their job functions.
  • We won’t take vacations or sick days. Well, we might, but there will always be someone else to do the job so you won’t experience a decrease in service.
  • We handle support phone calls 24x7 and can fix most problems remotely, even if you’re working from home late on a Saturday night.

What is the cost?

That will vary depending on the number of employees, number of computers to manage and the overall complexity of the network. But again, just as an example, for a typical office environment with 12 employees, each having one computer, plus a single server, the flat-rate fee for complete IT support coverage would be less than the equivalent of a full-timer being paid minimum wage.

Next Step

If this sounds like something you may want to consider, give us a call at 720.593.8100 or use our contact form to send us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and see if our services are a good fit for your organization.