Cyber Security DIY

People often ask me for advice on how to protect their home and very small business computers. The truth is, safety has no size limitations. Hackers will just as willingly go into your personal bank account as your business account. The only difference is business owners are generally more willing to spend some money to […]

The Cost of Free Software

Something I hear frequently from friends and clients is that they don’t want to pay for software. And why should they? With all the enticing open source and free software apps available, not to mention all the free Cloud services, why would anyone want to pay for software? I won’t give you the “you get what […]

Why Cloud Backup?

In this age of cloud-based everything, it amazes me how many companies are still doing their backups either completely onsite, or to removable media that they take offsite. Despite the proven unreliability of tapes, these are still prevalant in many places. But what I’m seeing more of these days is removable and external hard drives […]