Go Green = Save Green

Everyone these days is talking about going green, saving the planet and looking for ecologically responsible ways of getting their work done. But talk is cheap.  In many cases cheaper than a lot of eco-friendly solutions. So while many folks have good intentions, few follow through and spend the extra money to recycle their recyclables or use eco-friendly […]

Don’t be Deceived by Scareware

Fear is a good motivator.  Fear has the ability to get people to act quickly before their rational senses kick in.  And a cleverly devised social engineering scheme can motivate smart people to do irrational things by preying on their fears.  Manipulating people into installing software that is harmful is known as scareware.

Buzzword Alert: Cloud Computing

Every so often we update our buzzword dictionaries. When this happens there’s generally a stir with a lot of confusion as marketing teams try to position their products. “Cloud Computing” is no exception. If you’re wondering what it is and if it’s for you, read on. Let’s start with its name. For years, network engineers […]