Hacking – Not Just for Government Agencies

There’s a dangerous myth that only government agencies, large organizations and other “big players” are susceptible to cyber-crime. This myth is believable since only the big players make the evening news. The tens of thousands of SMBs that collectively lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year go unmentioned. The truth is, most successful cyber-attacks […]

Who’s In Your Wallet?

A popular advertisement asks, “What’s in your wallet?” I’ll go out on a limb here and say I probably know what’s in your wallet. It’s not much different than everyone else’s wallet. Credit cards, bank ATM/debit card, driver’s license, health insurance cards, family photos, important contact info and maybe some other personal information. So what is in […]

Cyber Security DIY

People often ask me for advice on how to protect their home and very small business computers. The truth is, safety has no size limitations. Hackers will just as willingly go into your personal bank account as your business account. The only difference is business owners are generally more willing to spend some money to […]

Managed Virus and Malware Protection

What are managed antivirus and managed anti-malware services? Well, let’s start by defining antivirus and anti-malware software. These are special software that can identify, block and remove malicious software (malware). Everyone should install at least antivirus software. Separate anti-malware software is also highly recommended. Having both adds a second layer of protection. You can’t have […]