Managed Virus and Malware Protection

What are managed antivirus and managed anti-malware services? Well, let’s start by defining antivirus and anti-malware software. These are special software that can identify, block and remove malicious software (malware). Everyone should install at least antivirus software. Separate anti-malware software is also highly recommended. Having both adds a second layer of protection. You can’t have […]

Managed Patch Updates

Before I get into what Managed Patch Updates are I should first discuss Patch Updates. Every program has bugs (yeah, there’s something you didn’t know!).  The more complex the program, the more bugs it will have. While some of these bugs are merely annoying, some are dangerous. These dangerous bugs are referred to as vulnerabilities, […]

Managed Firewall Service

Years ago, firewalls were only needed by large companies that might be targeted by hackers. Over recent years, however, things have changed. The internet has become a much more dangerous venue. Hackers are no longer just selectively targeting big companies. Through malicious software (malware) and hacked websites they’re now targeting everyone. That includes big businesses, […]