Mondopad is Here

MondopadIf you think the iPad is the coolest piece of technology to hit the streets, wait ’til you see the Mondopad. InFocus, the leading manufacturer of projectors and presentation equipment last week unveiled its latest teleconferencing product. The Mondopad is a 55-inch (diagonal) LCD touch-screen, video camera and on-board computer. It’s like a wall-sized iPad. Obviously you won’t be carrying this around to your meetings. But your meetings will take on a whole new perspective with one of these in the room.

The main function of the Mondopad is video teleconferencing. The large, 1080p HD display can show multiple remote offices concurrently with surprising clarity. The tablet also comes loaded with whiteboard software, enabling users to draw directly on its touch screen with their fingers.  The whiteboard is shared among all Mondopads connected in the meeting. Finger drawing is not limited to the whiteboard though. Special versions of Office software viewers allow any Microsoft Office or PDF file to be displayed and annotated by users.

Connection to remote users is through Vidtel’s “any-to-any” cloud-based service. This enables the Mondopad to conference with equipment using other popular services including SIP, H.323, Skype, GoogleTalk and other proprietary systems. But unlike the expensive enterprise solutions, the Mondopad/Vidtel combination is priced low enough to bring videoconferencing and more to the SMB market for the first time. No special communications infrastructure or complicated installation is required. Like any computer, a simple network connection and internet access are all that are needed.

When the Mondopad is not being used for videoconferencing, it can be used as a stand-alone device replacing your conference room’s computer, projector, pull-down screen, whiteboard, dried out markers and dirty eraser. You can use your Mondopad to display PowerPoint presentations or almost any documents while using it as a whiteboard as well. Unlike your conventional whiteboard, the Mondopad’s software enables you to store multiple pages so you don’t have to keep erasing. At the end of the meeting it can email jpeg images to all attendees. That’s a lot better than snapping a picture of a whiteboard with your phone (who hasn’t done that?).

So where can you buy a Mondopad?  InFocus is only selling the Mondopad through authorized managed service providers, which of course includes us.  As the first authorized reseller of Mondopads in the area, we are looking forward to expanding the collaboration solutions we offer our customers. And with our leasing plans, we can make this already affordable device even more affordable. Although demand has currently pushed delivery out about 6 weeks, we are taking orders now and scheduling delivery and installation for late July to early August.

Contact us today to order a Mondopad or two for your office.  Or order a Mondopad online.


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